Nowadays, we hear the word sustainability very frequently, but what does it really mean and why is it becoming so important?

The commonly accepted definition is the one introduced in 1987 by the Brundtland Report: "sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

In recent decades, business has done just the opposite, mainly focusing on shareholder value maximization and neglecting the impacts on society and the environment. Creating and pursuing a new approach towards the creation of shared values, which includes progress for all stakeholders and counters the environmental and social decline, is increasingly urgent. It is essential to pursue a far-sighted and responsible business approach, in order to generate long-term economic value, all while preserving the natural and social capital.

The economic model based on infinite growth and indiscriminate use of natural capital has come to an end. Therefore, it becomes necessary to integrate the three dimensions of sustainability - economic, social and environmental - into the management practices of each organization. Sustainability thus becomes a new paradigm, a new mindset to be adopted in order to prosper and progress in this era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Sustainability means managing risks, anticipating changes, being aware of the impacts along the value chain, adapting new and inclusive business models, generating positive social and environmental impacts. Sustainability is truly the greatest business opportunity of this century!

Who we are

Founded in 2015, B4B Consulting is a sustainability and CSR consultancy based in Lugano, Switzerland. We provide strategic consulting services and specific solutions to companies and organizations who wish to improve their sustainability performance. Together we shape a path towards a continuous and measurable improvement of their sustainability performance.

B4B works as a trusted advisor to make sustainability a strategic competitive advantage and a key component of the clients’ business, in order to generate a positive impact on society, the environment and their economic results.

Twenty years of managerial experience in five continents, in both multinationals and SMEs, give us a broad understanding of the needs and expectations of organizations and their management.
We intervene by analysing the current situation to identify, anticipate and understand the main drivers, and to harmonize strategy, structure and culture in order to develop an integrated approach.


We believe sustainability represents the greatest opportunity of our time for organizations to innovate, manage risks, and increase competitiveness in a radical and exponential way. When adopted openly and proactively, sustainability is a powerful instrument for business to become a positive force that creates well-being, fosters social progress and safeguards the environment.


We support companies, public administrations and non-profit organizations in the development and implementation of tailored and concrete solutions.
We combine a solid strategic approach with creativity and imagination. We help our clients to meet the environmental, social and economic challenges of the new millennium, to identify a vision and mission aligned with the pillars of sustainability, and to communicate their activities and impacts effectively and transparently. We recently worked with clients in the following sectors: pharma, chemical, precious metals, luxury goods, multi-utilities, public administration, event management and professional services. Our approach is multisectoral. We are convinced that sustainability is a new mindset that touches every aspect of our activities and is therefore applicable to all sectors and organizations, both public and private.

We create opportunities for our customers through high added value services

Co-creation of Vision, Mission, Values and innovative business models

Design, development and implementation of sustainability strategies

Analysis and redefinition of the value chain, life cycle analysis, materiality analysis

Guidance on and drafting of Sustainability Reports based on different standards (Global Reporting Initiative, Global Compact, Integrated Reporting, SASB, SDG, CDP)

Stakeholder engagement

Organization of workshops and employee training

Interim Sustainability Manager function

Support for certification processes - B'corporation, Fairtrade, UTZ, CO2 neutral, etc.





Giovanni Facchinetti is the founder and managing director of B4B Consulting. Giovanni has the uncommon combination of global commercial experience and cross-cultural expertise with sound academic credentials and practice in sustainability. He has a track record of 20 years establishing and growing FMCG & Luxury Goods businesses across five continents. Giovanni’s main fields of expertise are sustainability, international business development, creating & expanding new ventures and building/coaching winning teams. His academic background includes:

• Sustainability Leadership Certificate, Harvard University

• Diploma in Sustainable Business, Uni St. Gallen & Business School Lausanne

• One Planet Leader Certificate, WWF, IMD Lausanne

• Asian International Executive Program Certificate, INSEAD Singapore

He is certified in the Global Reporting Initiative G4 and Standards Reporting Frameworks, in The Natural Step approach and is a certified NLP practitioner. Giovanni is a Swiss citizen, fluent in German, Spanish, English, Italian & French and conversational Portuguese.

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